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Re: Sudanese

The period sits well with he Boer war, and in our hobby precious few sets for it, particularly the Omdurman campaign.

Re: Sudanese

Agreed. Maybe even a few Egyptians -- of which there are precious few in our scale -- along with the Sudanese? As with many of these colonial conflicts, one can pretty well cobble together the British side, but their allies and enemies are very thin on the ground.

Re: Sudanese

John Simmons
Maybe even a few Egyptians .

Certainly, John. I have used the Strelets' Regular Turkish cavalry (Code: 110 ) as Egyptian cavalry & their Bashi-Bazouks will be useful with some conversion, but the more, the merrier.

Re: Sudanese

Yes to Egyptian infantry - including white uniforms - and to artillery and cavalry.

No one has offered Mahdist artillery, which might be an idea.

Also a good match to the late colonial Slade Wallace-equipped Brits would be Pathans for the North West Frontier campaigns of the 1890s.

hippo whip


No one has offered Mahdist artillery, which might be an idea.


My understanding is that such troops would use captured Egyptian Krupp guns, manned by captured Egyptians (in rags & chained!) under the command of a Dervish with a kurbash (hippo hide whip).

Does it get any more exotic?