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Look what's coming

This may not be news to all, but hopefully will of interest (and I trust not stealing any thunder from Strelets).

I had an email from the 'local' supplier from whom I get Strelets figures (aka supplier of my 'habit'!) with a list of latest sets available including these exciting new & re-issued beauties:

M138 Boer Infantry
M139 Highlanders in Attack 1899-1902
M140 Anglo-Saxon Fyrd
M141 Housecarls of King Harold

046 Union General Staff (re-issue)
154 Brunswick Light Guards Battalion
199 Highlanders Standing Shoulder Arms
200 Highlanders Standing Order Arms
201 British Infantry Standing Order Arms
202 British Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms
206 Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress Standing Shoulder Arms
209 Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress on the March 1
211 Prussian Line Infantry in Summer Dress stading Order Arms
212 Russian Infantry on the March 1
217 Russian Infantry Standing Order Arms
219 Russian Infantry in Overcoats Standing Order Arms
220 French Line Infantry on the March 2
224 Boer Field Artillery
230 British Infantry in Advance 1701-1714
231 British Infantry in Attack 1701-1714
249 Confederates Firing

Strelets continue to be 'on fire'!

I hope that you have been saving your pocket money!!

Re: Look what's coming

Wow !!!!!

I've got a boner and i will be cumming !!!

Not been so excited since i saw a cartoon of Anne Widdecombe fisting the Reverent Ian Paisley.

Re: Look what's coming

henry that mental picture will stay with me

Re: Look what's coming

Henry you do realise that young kids visit this site at times, such crudeness is not cool and is not welcome on this forum.



Re: Look what's coming

I have to say I agree with Allan. Also all the above are listed on Hannants future page.

Re: Look what's coming

Well said Allan. Keep the posts reasonable and 'G'-rated please.

Re: Look what's coming

A veritable cornucopia. Well done Strelets!

(and grow up, Henry)