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Re: Friday is advancing.

Hi everyone,
I forgot to add that in bad weather, Bavarian army was also using greatcoats.
So for me, buying some of the next Austrian grenadiers in winter and putting Bavarian heads will do the trick.


Re: Friday is advancing.

Thanks for sharing another great looking preview. :+1:

Very happy that Strelets is working on Bavarians, Brunswickers and hopefully other warring factions of the Napoleonic Wars.
Although some may consider them "minor" belligerents, in fact a sizeable number of their troops saw similar or even more & longer lasting action than other over-promoted subjects of this period.

Excellent subject with great potential. Earlier sets were substandard regarding sculpting, pose-quality & -diversity.
Wouldn't mind some extra backpacks though. :wink:

Keep em coming! :+1: