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Re: Guys did caesar stop producing new sets?

Hi Pavol...well, my military experience is reduced to my service in the spanish marines but most of my life was as a common citizen
I can understand perfectly the spanish spoken in USA I have relatives there, in Colorado and it's no so diferent.
I don't have face book and I'm no interested on it I only have whatsapp I don't know if works in USA too...
So the major problem here is to contact...please tell me how I would like a lot to share info and thoughts about the hobby or anything else I do not work anymore and I got time..
Sorry for my bad english and greetings mr.Pavol (curious I thought you were french ...)

Re: Guys did caesar stop producing new sets?

Hi Erik don’t be sorry your english is good my english is not perfect at all as I never went to school to learn it.mostly by speaking it while I served in name Pavol in english = Paul,pavol is very common name in Slovakia.similar pawel (Polish) pavel in Czech and the same pronunciation in Russian but written in azbuka but In Slovakian 1 letter is different. No I didn’t use whatsapp my wife used to but now she uses Facebook just like me. I live now in USA but you can write me on my email as im checking my emails at least twice per week.

Re: Guys did caesar stop producing new sets?

Excellent, sure that I'll do it!!!
By the way...Pavol is Pablo in Spanish

Re: Guys did caesar stop producing new sets?

Yes, I also noticed the unfortunate absence of Caesars annual release batch.
Glad to hear fellow hobbyists are in contact with them and that there seems no cause for concern. :+1:

Strelets, Caesar, RedBox/Orion, Linear-A & Waterloo became the most reliable & stable bastions for this hobby during the last few years.
May they all prosper for many more years to come! :smile: