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Re: December Releases

Thanks guys !!!

Re: December Releases

M138 Boer Infantry
M139 Highlanders in Attack 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer War

See, I told you Santa Claus was real! 🤗

Re: December Releases

Dear Strelets guys,

so many new figure-sets and hopefully all before christmas, you will make many men very happy and me especially.....

Many thanks for it and your impressive good information-policy, meanwhile an other important producer becomes more and more like a Pythia with his enigmatic informations and fruitless announcements.

Re: December Releases

WOW twelve Napoleonic sets thought it would be under ten I better get some more older sets set's on ebay to make space for the new boys.:smiley:

Re: December Releases

A stunning list indeed, thanks for sharing this great update! :+1:

Will swiftly order several of the Nap French, Austrian, Russian, Brunswick & Prussian troops and some Boers, hoping my hobby budget can cope with this load. :sweat_smile:

Well done Strelets, you really became the key pillar for this hobby during the past few years. :clap: