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Rules and regulations

If your miniatures have been bought, painted and press-ganged into formations & armies, the chances are that you game with them.

Wargaming must be as old as collecting & using some sort of rules almost obligatory.
HG Wells probably had the first set printed in the late C19th. There's nearly as many rule sets out there as there are Caesar WW2 German sets.

What rules do you use?

For me, as we do lots of periods, we use lots of rule sets. Some of them:

Saga (Dark Age skirmish battles) for Vikings, Late Romans, Saxons & Normans

Field of Glory (Ancients & Renaissance sets) for Bronze Age, Punic Wars & ECW

The Men Who Would Be Kings (Colonial battles) for Zulu Wars & The Sudan

A Glorious War (a home grown rule set) for SYW

General d'Armee (Napoleonic gaming)

Blitzkrieg Commander (for WW2)

All rule sets more or less are organised the same: into game Turns with each turn being usually divided into Charge declarations, Firing, Movement, Melee & Morale segments. The devil is in the detail that gives them "period flavour".

I'll be interested in your posts.

Re: Rules and regulations

like you i fight wargames from a number of periods;

dark ages - good old wrg 6th edition ancients

war of the roses/hyw i use poleaxed

italian wars i use piquet

napoleonic i use either charles grants rules or bruce quarries, looking at black powder

ww2 - rapid fire

Re: Rules and regulations

In order of preference
century XVIII
Post Honors
Der Alte Fritz journal rules
Honors war

Rebels and Patriots
Muskets and tomahaws

Home rules (compendium of many rules)

Thirty Years War
PiKemans Lament (small battles)

I also like them although I almost never play
Hail Cesar
Rampant lion

Re: Rules and regulations

Like the previous respondents the group I belong to use a variety of rules, mainly because we have people with different interests so we play different rules for different games.

Ancients - Initially we started playing WRG 6th Edition though this was superseeded for most of us by Warhammer Ancients, until a few years ago we started playing Lion Rampant.

Late Medieval/Renaissance/30YW/ECW - WRG - though it looks like Pikeman's Lament may be picked up soon for the War of the Spanish Succession. We've looked at few others but the Rampant system works well.

Napoleonic - WRG 1685-1850 - and that may get a bit of a reboot for the 7YW.

Fantasy - Dragon Rampant

As well as these we play Cruel Seas, Tanks, and a few others.

Re: Rules and regulations

Ancients - To the strongest or an adaption of Command and Colours.

Dark Age - Songs of Blades and Heroes, adapted Command and Colours, Tribal.

Medieval - Lion Rampant.

Colonial - Men who would be Kings.

SCW - Bayonets and Ideology.

WWII - Crossfire, Bolt Action.

Modern - Black Ops.

Really like the Osprey range and also the Ganesha Games sets, particularly, Fear and Faith for when things go bump in the night.

Re: Rules and regulations

The "Perfect Captain's" free range of rule sets are amazing in their innovation:

"Red Actions" for the Russian Civil War and related nationalist conflicts in the period
"Cousin Jonathan" (battle) and "John Bull" (skirmish) for the War of 1812
"Spanish Fury" + "Very Civile Actions" for the English Civil War
"A Coat of Steel" War of the Roses modification for contingent/retinue based 12th-14th century samurai gaming

"Chain of Command" seems to yield good games for the Spanish Civil War on the TMP board

For the record I absolutely ABHOR pure I-GO-YOU-GO systems with endless silly fantasy modifiers to remember and where one side stands around like frozen idiots being massacred cough-SAGA-cough (pg 33-35)

Re: Rules and regulations


For the record I absolutely ABHOR pure I-GO-YOU-GO systems with endless silly fantasy modifiers to remember and where one side stands around like frozen idiots being massacred cough-SAGA-cough (pg 33-35)
Oh I don't know.

Getting an advantage for being able to get the first blow/shot in seems a reasonable justification for some i/go-/u go. And a round of combat surely represents only seconds of real time. Hardly standing around "frozen".
We'll have to agree to disagree here. One man's meat, Steve, is another's poison?

I'm not entirely sure why you eschew modifiers. Simplicity?

I am well aware of the current trend for simpler rules & I am glad these meet a lot of people's expectations. I do remember the complexity of rule sets such as 'Empire' but I'd be reluctant to criticise those who have & still do play them.

My tastes lie some where between the one page Simple rules & the many page encyclopedias.
My justification lies in the idea of tactical challenge. Modifiers provide a smorgsboard of options for you, the table top general, to chose from. Here lies the challenge and, hence, the fun. My opinion only, of course.

Your disdain for SAGA is your business, of course. I know we use it not for some supposed 'realistic' depiction of Dark Ages warfare but for a bit of fun. Our little group of 5 or so laugh & smile more whilst playing SAGA than any other wargame. Is this enough reason for playing SAGA?