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Re: British Infantry Shoulder Arms

As do I. As much as firing lines and positions are desired and desirable, I've discovered I have more than enough troops in those positions to cover my entire line and then some. I know I might be the exception. However, the new sets fill the gaps I've noticed in my rear areas. it would take too much money for me to build adequate formations to represent those units not in immediate combat or moving into position. The new Strelets sets (and others) fill those gaps nicely. My thanks.

Now, this is NOT to say I wouldn't buy figures in other poses, too.

Re: British Infantry Shoulder Arms

I do like the shoulder arms sets they look great all lined up in a row, the marching sets are my favourite closely followed by the in advance sets I also like the at attention figures
I am not a fan of the at ease sets I realise that other people may find them useful but I struggle to see how these would sell more than a dedicated firing line set.
The new British WSS infantry looks like it is to have a firing line planed for it already
why is it that non of the Napoleonic ranges have one.
Most people create armies for fun & wargaming which involves shooting people if we use only Strelets figures every battle will end a draw as no one is actually shooting:stuck_out_tongue: .