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Re: WSS French - what do we want?

You can have the same three sets of French line infantry to oppose the English, plus a set of guard infantry in lace-front coats (Gardes Francaises, Gardes Suisses or the Regiment du Roi) - I assume grenadiers will not get their own set but be sprinkled among the line sets. Then sets of dragoons in the stocking caps, preferably one mounted and one dismounted with bayonets. Cavalry could be several sets all by themselves - at least one of the Maison du Roi (either Gardes du Corps or Gendarmes/Chevaux Legers, plus Grenadiers a Cheval and Mousquetaires if the first two sell well), and another of the line cavalerie or the Cuirassiers du Roi. And of course a set of artillery. That about covers it. ;-)
I like all those ideas but they could make like a command style pack that had pioneers,grenadiers.ones with and without breastplates,drummers fifes etc?
And also irregulars,sutlers,and various others ???

Re: WSS French - what do we want?

I have essentially the same suggestions as I had for the Brits:

- Infantry, and I agree with Samogon that this should include some laced coats for Gardes Francaises, Gardes Suisses and the Regiment du Roi

- Cavalry:
(I) "Light Cavalry" = heavy cavalry/"horse"
(II) Dragoons in caps
(III) Additionally, it would be good to have something from the Maison du Roi, but which?!?

- Artillery

- Mounted officers/staff