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Re: Suggestions for packing figures for move to new house please

Bob Richman

I have up to 50 figures each packed in 6x8\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" food containers(sorted by units). The food containers are packed 8 containers and loose items (siege equipment/landscape features) in larger under bed plastic storage bins(sorted by campaign). When I move the figures are going to bounce around in the open spaces in the food containers. Suggestions needed for padding material; I can buy a huge bag of styrafoam pellets which are sold to refill bean bag chairs or I could just shred a bunch of newspaper to use. Would the styrafoam be more abrasive? I also saw shredded foam for sale,but I have not been able to relocate the source.


What I use and don't use and why:

+++++ I've had good luck with toilet paper and paper towels because both pick out of the containers and you can layer them, or crumple up into a paper ball, but careful you don't break off little parts taking it out like bayonets because something is going to snag! Real paper, not tissue paper, would be too stiff I think, and may break parts of soldiers or chip off paint.

+++++ I also like sheets of thin bubble wrap, the kind of tiny bubble sheets we like to sit and squeeze/pop the little bubbles one by one. It's cheap and you can cut it and layer them in your containers like blankets. It's like us wearing a helmet; protects us from hard hits and impacts, but hit hard enough, and we all break or damage!

????? Your idea of tiny bean bag pellets might work, but be sure to put them in Zip Lock Freezer bags. they will make an endless mess when they get out. If you don't bag them up, they will be a pain to pick out of your soldiers and an endless chore to clean up.

----- I got a shipment of resin cast figures from overseas and they packed them with torn up cotton of all things. It took me half a day to pick out all of the fibers and still small resin parts were broken. Cotton balls would probably snag bayonets and break parts when unpacking, but who knows? And be expensive.

----- I will never use Styrofoam peanuts, and especially not chopped up Styrofoam. I've received both sometimes used in packing eBay purchases and I just loath them. They cling to your fingers because of static electricity, peanuts are mostly too big to vacuum up, escape from boxes like a snow storm, and any pets and kids will put them in their mouths which are a choking hazard!

Summary for me: For any movement, I'll use both toilet paper crumpled up for small containers, or paper towels crumpled up for bigger spaces, and for storage of unbreakables, I use Zip Lock Freezer Bags because you can squeeze out the air before zipping up - or leave the air inside; might work better? Cheap, disposable, clean and quick to use and unpack and you can buy anywhere, but Dollar Shops for me are cheapest.

My wife and I buy our toilet paper, paper towels, and other paper products at the Dollar Store. Remember, anything you buy besides paper, you'll be tempted to save it and it all takes up space. With Zip Lock Bags and pellets for Bean Bags, you could probably just leave them in your containers permanently.

I'm not a "know it all." I get boxes daily from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other online sellers so I do know what I don't like. There are surely better suggestions than mine. I don't envy you; good luck! - GC