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Re: Strelets, please make 1700-1720 Civilians, Sailors, Highwayman, Pirates etc

Robin Hood = \"outlaw\"

\"highwayman\" = Dick Turpin et al

Some early medieaval peasants, perhaps shading into outlaws, would be great.

To divert the topic, however, a 1700-1725 set of civilians to complement the WSS sets would be great. Of course, one could include a mounted highwayman and a couple of \"foot pads\", plus obligatory tavern wench, landlord, ostlers, customers and travellers.

While we\'re on 1700-1725 subject, please make a pack of sailors for the period. These could be merchant crews, pirates from the Golden Age (the World is crying out for a decent set of these, surely?), or, indeed, the crews of a King\'s ship (not even officers in the RN had uniforms before 1748).

To make the set good for all sailors of the period, including pirates, Strelets could simply avoid some of the historically dubious clichés of the pirate genre. That said, you could get quite far with alternative \'command\' sprues; one of more conventional ship\'s officers of the period and the other of pirate personalities.
Civilians of any era would be greatly could even swap the "free"streletsi piece for a civilian of that appropriate era ???
You soon would have several especially as civilians clothes overlap different countries and eras but yes whole special sets dedicated to napoleonic,acw, ww1,ww2,medieval etc?
Could be used as camp followers,refugees ,supply echelon,(as in earlier wars it was normally civilans) medical and their helpers ,bandits ie looters,scouts,etc .
Some great suggestions there