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Re:Brexit and after

Hi Marios! Scotland, Wales and the six counties that make up Northern Ireland are part of the United Kingdom politically,and Great Britain or the British Isles geographically, but not the commonwealth, which is made up of overseas territories that were formerly part of the British Empire, for example India, Canada etc. Ireland (Éire)withdrew from the commonwealth when it became a republic in 1949.

The people of Britain as a whole voted in the referendum, with a majority in favor of leaving, as one people, not as three or four separate states. That would be the same as say, Germany voting by a majority of Germans, whether they identify as Prussians Bavarians or Saxons from one the historical constituent kingdoms that make up modern Germany. I hope that explains things a little clearer!

It is going to be interesting to see how our hobby will be impacted in the future. The pound sterling may well become a strong and viable alternative currency to the Euro and US Dollar; will plastic figures and kits made outside the EU suffer from punitive taxes - or become cheaper from distributors elsewhere?

And will my kilted highlanders ever arrive to fight the Boers before the border check points go up?

Re: Re:Brexit and after

May I just apologise to anyone who is as sick of Brex!t as I am, that this thread has become less about these wonderful figures and more about the UK leaving the EU.

This is not the place for that discussion, can we keep it on the figures please?

Re: Re:Brexit and after

Stuart and Steve, you are right and sorry for the inconvenience. Let's talk about our great hobby that unite all of us. Many thanks for your patience ... Best wishes from Greece!!!

Re: Re:Brexit and after

Thank you Strelets

Just received my 11 boxes of the WSS Advancing British, and, to confirm what everyone else is saying here, these are beautiful figures, lovely proportions, smashing detail, and with all the typical Strelets charm that I love. And not a single wasted pose among them.

As for Brexit, again, I have to concur with the majority of posters here: it's causes are multifarious, and I have no doubt that many voted leave with the best of intentions and a heavy dose of faith, but it really does not look like a good idea. At a time when we should be coming together to tackle the real problems that face the world, we find ourselves being pulled apart for something that will provide no tangible benefits to everyday working people like myself, and threatens to jeopardises so much that we take for granted and hold dear.

Cheers, Steve

Re: Re:Brexit and after

Hi Stuart. Europena union should stick together. In eu i would like to see Russians and Ukrainian together. Every country has dark history but today we have internet we can enjoy history but to me when I was soldier I felt like bing better equipped cop democracy means freedom of speech we need to learn from each other ...