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Re: WSS Spree

I feel like the fourth in line during the Great Escapes moonshine testing session ........WOW!, affected by moonshine I think how good would a few slight variations on the firing line poses would be, so they are not quite identical , and how good such a firing line would be......

Re: WSS Spree

Beautiful masters.

I was painting some flesh on figures yesterday (not Strelets as it happens) and was marvelling at the fingers. Not so long ago a simple, ball hand was sufficient *at this scale*. Now we routinely have hands with detailed fingers. These hands may be wrapped around muskets, which are represented not as a simple 'rod', but with separate barrel and base, metal bands and strap.

Then we come to masters like these with the detail of the pockets, cartridge box, shoe buckles, belt buckles, texture of the coat... marvellous!

Re: WSS Spree

I think they are magnificent figures.
Desiring to see all the boxes and those of his enemies to be able to form the armies.
Great work of strelets.