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Re: What Figures to Use as Nutcrackers?

I have a sculpt of my ex-wife...

But as I wish to stay in your good graces I would recommend any Napoleonic with a French style shako and epaulets sans back pack painted red jacket with blue trousers. I'm going to have to research which figures fit that description.

A Call To Arms French Infantry

French Line Voltiguers would be great if you don't mind the busby.
French Light Infantry Marching

Officers might work too; they have the epaulets and perhaps one could paint the other details.

Re: What Figures to Use as Nutcrackers?

I think the 1st figure in the 8th row down of this Strelets set, Prussian and Russian General staff, would make a good nutcracker; even better if you move his arm down by his side. The last figure in that row might be interesting too.

Probably not easy to find now but the guy with the portfire in this LW Portuguese artillery set would make a nutcracker with a minimum of fuss:

I'm assuming that you want nutcracker figures that just look like nutcrackers rather than nutcrackers that have come to life as in the ballet.

I notice some of the guys on TMP recommended the Airfix French Infantry, pictures here:

You could also maybe take a look at the officers in the old Italeri French Infantry set.

Some repositioning of limbs required.

If you want nutcrackers that have come to life just look through the Napoleonic sets on PSR, you'll be spoiled for choice.