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Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

Dear Yevgen,

We may extend Egypt series to include some camelry.

Best regards,


Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

Thanks for this wonderful affirmation. :+1:
Without doubt, the Wars of the First & Second Coalition would benefit substantially from an appropriate Strelets treatment. :smile:

While at least my workbench is still totally occupied with a good number of recent Strelets sets, it's always nice to know where 1/72 manufacturers are heading to in the medium term. :+1:

Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

This is super news dear Strelets. But please don't forget Britsih & French cavalaries. And as important dismounted Mamelukes.

Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

Camels: good oh! Please make different poses to the WWI Camels.

Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

Great news, een though I bought some metal camelry