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Napoleonic Camel troops

Dear Strelets,

Your recent Colonial Camel Troops are very goods. I was wondering if You would like to produce French Camel troops to expand Your Napoleonic Egypt Campaign sets. The uniform is very exotic, mixing the French regular uniform with Egyptian clothing.

Kind regards,


Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

Dear Yevgen,

We may extend Egypt series to include some camelry.

Best regards,


Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

Thanks for this wonderful affirmation. :+1:
Without doubt, the Wars of the First & Second Coalition would benefit substantially from an appropriate Strelets treatment. :smile:

While at least my workbench is still totally occupied with a good number of recent Strelets sets, it's always nice to know where 1/72 manufacturers are heading to in the medium term. :+1:

Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

This is super news dear Strelets. But please don't forget Britsih & French cavalaries. And as important dismounted Mamelukes.

Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

Camels: good oh! Please make different poses to the WWI Camels.

Re: Napoleonic Camel troops

Great news, een though I bought some metal camelry