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Plastic Soldier Review of WSS British

Just take a look at the latest WSS British infantry and you will see what I mean with my previous posting, below; ABOUT STRELETS, Especially read the Plastic Soldier Review.

Accuracy problems are not restricted to some of Strelets work. I was actually comparing, as indeed 'About Strelets' does, the work of the major manufacturers: with sculpture in mind.
accuracy problems certainly beset Italeri, Airfix, Revell and Zvezda.

Re: Plastic Soldier Review of WSS British

Personally I will buy these ones and avec plaisir...9/10 is a good rate
No problem with WSS, my moans go to
things like french infantry without epauletes or fusiliers with two belts...that, my friends doesn't exist at all!
By the way, congratullations to Strelets for the new range, beautiful figures

Re: Plastic Soldier Review of WSS British

I am tempted to buy theme even though they are not my era, but I know I will be buying all the Napoleonic sets when they come out at Christmas & that looks like my painting taken up for all of next year.
Good review I think for the set from PSR only a few minor quibbles because its a great set.

Re: Plastic Soldier Review of WSS British

I am very keen on starting this era, but tend not to commit to a new era until I know a command set for both sides (multiple sides?) is coming. What do you say, Strelets?