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Mr Strelets: Reasons to be happy: Queen Anne commands and we obey ....

Just noticed the Plastic Soldier review of the WWS Brits in advance.

"Sculpting is simply excellent"

They mention that the sergeant is sans sash, and they don't like the haversacks, but otherwise they find them accurate (9/10) and they really love the sculpts and praise the production quality.

On the question of the haversacks, this feature is illustrated on an infantryman in the Osprey volume on Marlborough's Army.

I note that the reviewers see the set as best representing the earlier part of the conflict, Blenheim and Ramilles, which they consider to be a good choice.

My own view of the figures, based on the photographs of them, is that they deserve such critical acclaim and, so, I'm really pleased to see them gain the support of the reviewers.

Mr Strelets - I can only hope that you will now go on to produce Horse (no cuirass), Dragoons, Artillery and Staff/Mounted Officers, as per my earlier post.

If these are to the same standard as the infantry sets, we are set for Happy Times indeed.

Of course, equivalent sets for the French would be necessary to field opponents and I feel would form the core of a fantastic range, with many paint and sculpting conversions possible to expand their utility still further.

Brilliant work, Mr Strelets, please, please keep it up.

Re: Queen Anne commands and we obey ....

Some excellent post M. Edwardian. I agree with your ideas and I hope Strelets will do these other sets.

Thank you Strelets for these wonderful sets

Re: Queen Anne commands and we obey ....

Great post. For that Marlborough staff set, you definitely need a bonus figure of poor Colonel Bingfeild with his head blown off by a cannon ball at Ramillies!