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Re: well, It's Friday again..

Excellent preview of a much requested subject. :+1:

Extremely pleased that Strelets is taking up this essential troops now, because earlier attempts by other manufacturers were rather pathetic.

Looking very much forward to Strelets 1813-15 prussian cavalry and hope for various sets for this & similarly neglected but indispensable nap. subjects. :smile: :+1:
I disagree, other manufactures sets were for the time a breath of fresh air, I remember opening a box of Prussian lancers and thinking WOW! , just because someone made them, things have come on in the last twenty years or so, it does no harm to remember that we were not always spoiled for choice.

Re: well, It's Friday again..

I liked the other set and I still like it. Now, thinking about my previous post where I said I prefer action figures, it occurs to me that I already have good action figures in this uniform so it will be good to get these new standing poses for variety. Being spoiled for choice won't do me too much harm.

Re: well, It's Friday again..

The idea of ​​laying these riders is great. It allows to collect large quantities of figurines on the same diorama. I would dream to have the same thing with French horse hunters before 1812 to have flanks guards.