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I hope to see good figs in high standard about scottish highlanders.


Agree absolutely. It's just ridiculous to place them at the end of the list.
Dear Mr Opinion,

everybody can have his own views and doesn´t have to be blamed to be ridiculous. It was a question of survey and I presented my "opinion". If you have an other one, you are free to write it here.
I am interested on the big battles in central europe and so was also my choice. The first four are essential for the 2 battles of blenheim and ... and... I have no problems to accept other wishes. Who are more interested in the battles of the peninsula, will choose consequent others nations like the spanish.
And it isn´t the content of your debates, but the quite agressive sound of your arguments disturbs me, which is a closed shop and not an open minded exchange of views and positions. There are legitime views which are obviously different to yours....
Let us talk without any blames



Dont forget the wonderfull DANEs and Savoy and the german states.