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Little Wars

Warning: this post is a bit wargame focussed.

An American group began to post a regular series of YouTube videos on their wargaming experiences about a year ago.

They call themselves "Little Wars" and the videos are highly professional and interesting. They cover a range of scales, periods & types of games. The videos are always thought-provoking & entertaining.

I thought if some of you hadn't heard of them, you'd appreciate a heads-up.

The first is this trailer:

You can find the others from there.

Re: Little Wars

Yes, they are marvellous aren't they Donald? I stumbled across their videos and website a while back.

Good production values, informative, plenty of humour and a great sense of fun. Immensely inspiring.

Re: Little Wars : AZW

Little Wars TV's Isandlewana game:

I know it's in 6mm but a cracker, regardless.