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Re: Strelets write-up: ABOUT STRELETS

As far as production is concerned, they are doing quite well. Regrettably, looking at their sets of French Flanking companies/line infantry, the research has not been up to standard. Grenadiers and Voltigeurs sported epaulettes and shortswords, as did the light infantry. Fusiliers did not have them. The latest batches wore their coats like fusiliers but have the implements of elites. It has been said before; the devil is in the details.

Re: Strelets write-up: ABOUT STRELETS

Chapeau sir!

Re: Strelets write-up: ABOUT STRELETS

From a PSR update:

"The News page has a new release, courtesy of Strelets once more."

Once more. I think it useful to criticise (in a respectful manner, of course) any shortcomings of Strelets' figures (see above) but also consider their output stops the 1/72 figure industry from being moribund.

So, I'd largely agree with the OP in that Strelets is reaching its goal.

Re: Strelets write-up: ABOUT STRELETS

True, the output is fenomenal, as is the scope of the sets. Hat has not released any new sets since september 2018 and regrettably Revell ceased making figures altogether.

Re: Strelets write-up: ABOUT STRELETS

Sadly the figures with historical accuracy problems are absolutely useless for me...( and not only for me)
And I said sadly 'cause all is reduced to manofacture soldiers to get money for them, so I think that is worth to listen the ones of us that never know how much money can be lost
A respect for the moaners of this church

Re: Strelets write-up: ABOUT STRELETS

Just take a look at the latest WSS British infantry and you will see what I mean. Especially read the Plastic Soldier Review.

Accuracy problems are not restricted to some of Strelets work. I was actually comparing, as indeed 'About Strelets' does, the work of the major manufacturers: with sculpture in mind.
accuracy problems certainly beset Italeri, Airfix, Revell and Zvezda.