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Re: Gerd's Prussians shouldering arms

Great painting once again by Gerd nice looking troops these are next on my to doo list I am trying to clear the last lot of releases before the new batch arrive at Xmas.

Re: Gerd's Prussians shouldering arms

Great shots. I'm really going to have to get the gear out myself and get back at it. I am soooo behind in my painting..

Re: Gerd's Prussians shouldering arms

Hey guys,
Thank you very much for the praise.

I hope I painted everything correctly.

I have again chosen the uniform and flag of the 2nd Prussian (1st Pomeranian) Line-Infantry Regiment because I want to put together an entire Batallion of 2nd Prussian LIR.

many greetings

Re: Gerd's Prussians shouldering arms

Indeed you are correct and I am corrected!
That'll teach me to only look at the uniforms for units that I have saved on my computer and not to look through an entire list (or images on the centjours website)!
Again, well done and thanks!