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Napoleonic Swedes

I know Strelets don't manufacture sets for this particular army but I'm trying to build a decent sized force for the latter part of the Napoleonic Wars.

There are several knowledgeable posters on this forum so I thought I'd ask a question: sources?

I've found 3-4 reasonable, though short websites....all of a few pages.My only other source is a magazine article. Is there an affordable and available book that covers the Swedish army? Uniforms, flags, organisation, tactics & weapons, battles & campaigns?

I feel I'm working in the dark & would value having such a source to consult.

Re: Napoleonic Swedes


You have probably already found this one, no doubt?

Not an answer about a book, sorry!


Re: Napoleonic Swedes

Thanks. I don't think there is a book as it's a pretty obscure topic. There's not even an Osprey in print!

I just thought I'd ask.

Re: Napoleonic Swedes

I take it that you already have the HaT industries Swedish Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery.

Re: Napoleonic Swedes

I take it that you already have the HaT industries Swedish Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery.
Yes. I also have some old metals & I think the HaT Nap. Austrian Landwehr might be useful too.

The Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers, with a little work, make OK dragoons?

I've already done some conversions for generals & ADCs. After a bit of research, I decided Bernadotte - even though Crown Prince of Sweden - could still wear his French marshal's uniform, albeit with Swedish decorations & sash.

Any other ideas?

Re: Napoleonic Swedes

There's this one:

from here:

The books in this series are pretty cheap and one of the guys at Benno's seemed to be quite pleased with some of the titles. Not sure if this is an E-Book, paper book or both.

Re: Napoleonic Swedes

No books, but some possible hits of 1808-09 war and also some more wider scope of swedish uniforms

Re: Napoleonic Swedes

See? knowledgeable people.

Thanks for the help. I'll start looking through all this stuff.

Re: Napoleonic Swedes

the pdfbook from the historybookman is full of detail and coloured art work and i used it for my Sedish army. happy to recommend it along with the others in the series

Re: Napoleonic Swedes

Yes, the Rawkins book looks like it will suit admirably.

again, thanks.