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Re: Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War & Boxer Rebellion

I ordered a few books on the above, with one of them having a title including the tree above. This was a time the U.S. went from an isolationist policy to a super power.

Strelets Mission Statement in it's About Us includes ... "Strelets*R was founded in 1998 to fill the gaps in the figure market that had previously had to be filled with conversions by collectors themselves."

They would be the perfect manufacturer to make several sets which would cover many of the participants of these conflicts. Plus they have the added benefit of covering Infantry, Marines, Sailors, Cavalry, Artillery and Ships and Blockhouses, covering most of the battlefield needs. Anyway, that's my take.

After I've read my books I'll come back. In the mean time, Strelets is already busy producing other sets I'm very much excited about.