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Re: Need suggestion for painting figures

I leave mine on the sprue, cutting away any excess not needed that interferes with painting. Once I seal the finished figures and the sealant dries I find I can cut them off without peeling or chipping.

Re: Need suggestion for painting figures

Celtic warrior
I also use the bottltop method though I use blu-tack rather than glue to hold the figures in place.

Somebody mentioned getting older and thank God that Strelets haven’t followed Hat down the road of variable heads and arms.As I age I find that my patience,along with eyesight and dexterity is deserting me.Unhappily I haven’t bought any of the latest Hat sets for that reason and even more unhappily that will include their upcoming ACW range with a plethora of head options.
I agree the separate heads and assembly is a bother that gets worse as I get older but for now I'll struggle as long as there's not too much fiddling as the result is worth it to me.

There does come a point where I draw the line. There's a reason I stopped building models.

Re: Need suggestion for painting figures

As mine are used for gaming and need to be speed painted, I use the time honored length of arboreal material (otherwise known to the technically minded as a 'stick')

A number of figures, anywhere from 8 to 24 - are attached to the aforementioned Stick using a weak general purpose glue, then they are all primed as a batch with a rattle can from the local hardware store. Then paint one color on each figure e.g. all the coats, and by the time you get to the end of the row, it should be dry enough to start on the next color for the pants, hats or footwear etc. Rinse and repeat.