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Thanks Martin,

a tempting selection.

My chief interest would lie with the Minoans. I have an existing 800 point Field of Glory Mycenaean army (ie medium to large sized) that is composed of Caesar Plastics & Newline metals.

It's one of my favourite armies.

I would think it would not be bending history too far to incorporate the Minoans into it.
I'd imagine the set would largely be light troops - naked or lightly clad, with a boar's tusk helmet or two & armed with javelin, bow or sling. I could hope for a selection of figures, carrying long spears & bearing Figure8 or Tower shields to make a dense spear phalanx.

Probably too much to hope for representations of the Priest King or Snake Goddess.
At any rate, something to look forward to as well as several of the others just announced.

Re: Minoans

I do buy all of them.

Re: Minoans

The set is being made by Linear-A so I think a Snake Goddess would be very likely. There may be some civilian figures as well which will be interesting.

Re: good news for ancient fans - new announcements from Linear-A

I'll be buying. Also, looks like Dark Alliance sets: Centaurs, Nomads 1 & 2, and Steppes Warriors will be released soon (they're listed on Hannants Future Releases page now)!