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Re: Need?

Easy fixed Donald; counter-attack of the 5th Division at 1:1!!

I also have a long-term plan of doing a game of Waterloo were every unit is a Highland one (perhaps even the Dutch-Belgians and Nassauers) :joy:

Re: Need?

My British brigade desperately needs them to sort out those Boers! How about it, Mr Strelets?

Re: Need?

Paint dog
James, I guess we don't really "need" any figures."Wanting" them is another thing & you've put your finger on my dilemma.

There were, as you know, quite a small number of kilted regiments in the British army in the Napoleonic Wars. I currently field every unit, using several manufacturers.

As you say, with such lovely Strelets' figures on offer, I may have to retire some others & buy these. I'd already replaced an Airfix unit presenting the 92nd Gordons with Strelets' figures. It looks like my Italeri 42nd Black Watch will be replaced too.

Such a 'First World' problem!
I face the same dilemma; but compared to some dilemmas I've faced - this will be fun.

Re: Need?

For me the biggest input into this hobby is time (with space coming in second) - my figures are adequately painted and therefore I never replace units that I have completed. There weren't many highland regiments ever deployed at the same time so I already have a surplus - these are nice figures but I don't need them and probably won't buy them.Sorry:pensive: