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Re: British Infantry Standing Order Arms

James Fisher
I have some of these beauties in 'me' wishlist for the coming release.

Thank you for the approaching/continuing plastic mayhem, Strelets!


Although I think I cover more periods than you, James, we're in agreement that Napoleonics is the King of wargaming periods.

I'm currently painting my pile of HaT Prussian Landwehr. I bought into the Kickstarter before Strelets announced their Landwehr sets & I suspect the Strelets' figures may be superior. However, the HaT ones paint up quite nicely (better than I'd have thought) & I have far too many Landwehr units to justify buying the Strelets' ones.

However, the point of my post is: who would ever have thought between 20mm metal & 1/72 plastic, you'd have more choices for Prussian Landwehr figures than you could possibly use?

Re: British Infantry Standing Order Arms

Too right, Donald; it's the 'wonderful problem' that so many posters on this forum mention.

My own 'solution' is to completely lose all self-control and sense of reason, increasing the potential size of my armies so as to accommodate the purchase of more of these wonderful figures--Prussian landwehr from both manufacturers to add to the existing Airfix figs, for example (the Strelets ones are the finest IMHO). Fortunately for me, I had not begun to do anything serious on the Prussian and Russian 'fronts' (and only a bit on the Austrian) before Strelets' recent increase in their level of production and quality!

Re: British Infantry Standing Order Arms

Such a shame - very nice looking figures but I have absolutely no use for them - If only they had made them in stovepipes...sigh...

Re: British Infantry Standing Order Arms

Please, Strelets, we have enough British infantry for Waterloo...I'm all in for more Nappies, but do we really need even more redcoats for the 100 days? Yet another Highlander set? One more Old Guard kit?

Re: British Infantry Standing Order Arms

Considering the size of the Prussian Army, I can fit both HaT and Strelets figures as separate units if need be into my army. As for these British troops standing in formation, oh yes... I'm reminded of the scene in Waterloo where the troops are lined up on the hill waiting for the row to begin - a lot of time spent in that situation. Bring them on - I just have to find time to paint them all!