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Re: Hobby/Wargaming Table advice

May I suggest you look at Luke's APS videos on Youtube, he makes lots of different terrains and tables to play on.

Re: Hobby/Wargaming Table advice

Bob, if you want flexibility, I can recommend you use sculpted polystyrene tiles (use an electric cutter though a bread knife will do) & throw a dyed teddy bear fur cover over it.

See here for a recent game:

The fur is 20+ years old & will be replaced next year.

If you're interested, I can give more detail.


Re: Hobby/Wargaming Table advice

have you thought about the Kallistra hex terrain it can be quickly boxed up in and stores very easy in its delivery boxes, I have looked into it and a 12 foot by 6 foot table needs six boxes it can be easily placed on a few picnic tables and you will have no problem with access, they have a website of the same name in the UK also check out the ease of setup on Youtube.

You can also get hills, roads and river to match

The wife can easily pack it up and add it to your coffin so that you can get a game in in the afterlife and she can reuse the tables for picnics/ crafting, so value for money

good luck with your table