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Re: A much needed breeze of fresh air

these are fantastic sculpts , my compliments to sculptor , the officers are amazing, i too will buy pleanty of sets when released !!! over many years i have collected 20mm figures for WSS & GNW from all makers both plastic and metal, may i suggest the poses for infantry could be fairly basic, eg marching , at attention, at ease, maybe charging.
and as the basic infantry uniforms in this period are fairly generic the figures should cover most nations, there is a wealth of info out there, books , online etc
again my compliment on the scupts , can't wait to see them available !!!
cheers Old John

Re: A much needed breeze of fresh air

Just when I thought I was out, they drag me right back in!

Re: A much needed breath of fresh air

Finally, a manufacturer with balls to test unkown waters..

This is my very first message in this forum and I've only decided to write just to congratulate you, Strelets, for such splendid sculpts and for your decision to delve into a new and wonderful period. It can only sell well, I'm sure. I for my part, as an XVIII CE enthusiast, will probably buy double digits of these guys and of those that will surely follow.

By the way, there is also some urgency to fill in some notorious gaps within the 7YW range. To name a few: proper heavy cavalry (cuirassiers mostly), grenzers and pandours, Hungarian infantry, French infantry w no turnbacks and 1 or 2 generic Artillery sets, just to give you a summary. Perhaps Strelets could adress these needs at some point



Strelets creating SYW figures would be fantastic.

BTW my early war SYW French infantry are 20 mm metal: Wodenfield.

Re: Not a big deal

Can’t wait to see more !
Any chance they could be released this year ?
If you do cavalry please do many resting poses for us
Wargamerr ( Sabre on shoulder carbine upright -butt
On hip)
These enable much more uniform cavalry units

Qte "Any chance they could be released this year ? " Unqte


Re: Qte "Any chance they could be released this year ? " Unqte

Well I really love them!!!!