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Re: Chinese WWII army

Those dao dao swords were quite popular, f.ex. "Big Sword Units" were units using those dao dao swords and pistols only. Not only warlords executioners and "military police".

And You are right, that they deseprately need more variety in headgear.

I beg CM for second set for years, maybe You will have more luck. One set for 15 mln army is enough, while Germans have more then hundred sets. :(

Re: Chinese WWII army

Darrell Adams
China fielded the largest army in WWII. they fought from 1932 to 1945. One out of ten of their soldiery were women, half were in auxiliary roles, the other half fought. They also employed a large number of "boy soldiers", usually orphans adopted by infantry units. Half of them hauled supplies and half fought as infantrymen. Brit, French, German and US helmets, coolie hats etc. Many had the bamboo slat umbrella, it kept off the rain and sun and acted as a shelter half. Nearly all hauled a bag around to carry their rice ration. A box of 48 different figures would fill this void. Strelets?
There is still a big issue about Chinese Soldiers to be filled. I am glad to see Strelets work on unusual subjects like those Indian Troops or Heavy Weapons for the Japanese. They are filling the gap of World War one quite extensively. Who ever dreamt about French Arty with light, mountain, middle and heavy or very heavy artillery pieces and their handlers?