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WW2 Romanian Infantry possibilities

There are three sets on the market, two of which won't fit into my collection sculpting-wise and a small set from Zvezda with only a four poses. Therefore, I am looking at alternatives.

Jaques has converted the Strelets WW1 Serbians shown here in January. They look excellent but I would rather like infantry in summer uniform. And in puttees, so the The Redbox Boxer War French Marines which I was looking at are out of the question, as are metals cost-wise.

What would you consider a good starting point:

The new Strelets British Boer War infantry? The helmets look similar, but not sure of the webbing.

Alternatively, the new Strelets French WW1 Infantry in tunics? Obviously I would have to find heads with "Dutch" helmets.

Other ideas?

Regards, Pa

Re: WW2 Romanian Infantry possibilities


I think French infantry in Strelets summer uniform may be an option.
In the link below you can see the conversions I made for Romanians in summer uniform.
The helmets I sculpted and made resin copies. I have many spare heads if you want, I can send.