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Re: Friday

Austrian-Hungary Artillery Crew?
Hungarian WW2?

Very nice!

Re: Friday

Looks like a heavy Austro-Hungarian gun is in the cards?

The sculpting looks very nice but please take care of the officer's right arm, it might be the perspective but it looks rather short (think Kaiser Wilhelm II.).

Re: Friday

With all the upcoming WWI Italian sets, it's good to see that the Austro-Hungarian army will also get some support. :+1:

Re: Friday

Must have missed this promising update. :astonished:

Hope we will see one or two sets of Austro-Hungarian WWI artillery in the not too distant future?

As far as I remember Strelets has at least 2 heavy A.-H. guns in the pipeline:
30,5cm Mörser M.11/M.16
42cm Autohaubitze M.16

Will the shown figures possibly be part of the respective crews?
Or can we hope for a further light/medium WWI gun as well?

Anyway, thanks for sharing this teaser. :+1:
Looking very much forward to future Strelets WWI releases. :smile: