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Re: If you win the lottery ???

At last!
(I do love eating but I haven't got enough stomach to eat everything, but I'd never hire someone to eat for me!)
Have a big STORE ROOM!
I'd reenact myself live battles with life size toy soldiers!
Have a big room full of cheerleaders.
Well it's safe to say then that strelets urgently need to make several sets of cheerleaders!!!!....if I win the lottery I will pay them to make you all some exceedingly good cheerleaders 😂🤣😂🤣 probably the best in the world !!!!

Re: If you win the lottery ???

It seems there's a huge need for cheerleaders.

Probably for cheerleader miniature figures too?

Re: If you win the lottery ???

Give up the job and paint figures...

Re: If you win the lottery ???

I'll be very surprised because I haven't got an entry in. I won't complain though.

I suppose I'd commission someone to make special figures too.

Prince Cherlie and Butcher Cumberland definately.
Then perhaps the St Trinians Girls and Flash 'Arry.
Blamire, Clegg and Compo Symonite (and Foggy, I've come to regard him as one of the proper characters).
And Buster Keaton as a Civil War train engineer.
That'll do for a start.