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Highlanders order arms

Strelets, what do you do ??

Who can paint all this fantastic sets ever ??? :sos:

I know that i must have this Highlanders... :cupid:

Re: Highlanders order arms

Totally agree Gerd, aren't they fantastic?!

Re: Highlanders order arms

I am in the same boat; between all the highlanders I already had (and painted) I had decent representations of every highland regiment that served in the Napoleonic Wars - and that's after "retiring" (with full honors, of course) many of my old standby troops (like the old Airfix figures). I thought I was done - but I know I'll have to pick these guys up. It never ends.

Re: Highlanders order arms

Now I know that sculpting figures standing at attention or marching is easier, but could we please
get some poses of troops in action? I'd especially like to see British Napoleonic troops in combat.

Re: Highlanders order arms

Are they Crimean War? Can't be Napoleonic as no British infantry wore facial hair then.