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Re: US History

Funnily enough although I have no interest in Napoleonics, the only sets of that era that I considered buying are those for 1812, partly because I read a cracking account of the war and partly because I love the look of the Eastern Woodland Native Americans and the American militia. Similarly, I have no interest in the Seven Years War except the parts of it that occurred in North America. Again because I like the Native Americans and Last of the Mohicans film. So I found the comment about ugly Americans really surprising. Must admit ACW doesn't really float my boat but equally not patticularly interested in Franco-Prussian War or wars of Italian unification, so nothing to do with if the subject is American or not.

Re: US History

When it comes to Napoleonics I only buy those sets I can use for other things. The HaT French Napoleonic Limber is a good set to buy for horses, it has 18 horses in harness and they pull wagons and artillery in many of my armies up to and including World War Two. The wagon wheels get repurposed also. The horse riders get cut in half and a new upper half gets installed from the USSR or even WWII Germany.

I too buy them for the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and even as far afield as the Alamo. Still, the vast majority of Napoleonics go un-purchased by me. I was gifted a number of them a few years ago, and I found several of the sets homes as military school cadets. Some of then right now are attending West Point, and others are fighting for the Confederacy as they march from the Citadel.

A boxes of Imex French and British Infantry got head swaps with each other and they became guards for Doctor Dooms castle in Latveria.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: US History

Sometimes I wonder if Imex Mexican war infantry set had been better, and better sets of Mexicans and artillery for both sides had been released. Would we have seen a thriving U.S-Mexican War community on the 1/72 scene? Sad to think it never was...