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Boer War Scottish troops/Other Brittish colonial figures

First, my absolute applause for the leap in sculpting your latest figures have revealed. Having made such improvement, I would suggest that it is time that you considered redoing your Boer War Scots, and branching out into other areas of the British empire as well. That entire field provides so many opportunities for those of us who like to paint these figures, and really has not been given much attention. Many of the same people who are drawn to the uniforms of the Napoleonic era would probably appreciate the uniforms of the Indian and Sikh wars, for instance and I have yet to encounter a decent set of 19th century Afghans. At any rate, the Scots that you provided with the Pom Pom artillery are a vast improvement over, and in no way blend with, your previous Boer War Scottish infantry. Thanks!

Re: Boer War Scottish troops/Other Brittish colonial figures

Yes, bring on the 'Devils in Skirts'!