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Re: Question to Strelets?

What are the chances of you making sets of American Civil War U.S. Union Navy Sailors and Confederate C.S.A. Navy Sailors in Blue and Gray to man Ironclads, Battle Ships and Riverboats? Both China and Russia are making beautiful easy assemble paper boats that look and feel fantastic, and the cost is paper cheap to build up both very interesting looking navies! Thank you in advance - GC
Don't worry Garrison, your wish may come true sooner than you think...

Re: Question to Strelets?

I certainly hope you are correct! The more I do reading into the ACW Naval battles and actions, the more it says the Civil War was won or at least influenced by these fine sailors on their magnificent fighting machines of the sea and rivers and disembarking and fighting on land. And what a variety of boats and ships.

Re: Question to Strelets?

I also studied a bit more and sailors carried cutlasses and pistols during the charge against Fort Fisher, would be easier if they carried rifles but I will have a look into this..