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British standing at order arms

What a very nice looking set this is. I am also very pleased to see a pioneer or sapper included in the set. There really are too few of them around. Thank you Strelets.

Re: British standing at order arms

this is a nice set I would buy it but I hope its not going to the top of the list of new Napoleonic releases.
There is a bigger need of the Austrian & Brunswick sets & even the Russian sets should be released first.
I have like a lot of people on this forum loads of British & French troops to paint already but new Brunswick & Austrian are at the moment are quite scarce indeed.

Re: British standing at order arms

Another nice set to build greater units of napoleonic soldiers.

The sapper is a nice figure, but the wooden handle of the axe is very thick.

Who can work with such a coarse tool ??

Better chance the handle a little bit..

Re: British standing at order arms

I am definitely on board for several of these sets - with the Belgian shakos they are perfect to stand and "take a pounding" on the slopes of Belgium.

Re: British standing at order arms

To the people of STRELETS:

This set would be a masterpiece if the heads or the hats were attached separately, so that they could be replaced.

Re: British standing at order arms

Lovely looking figures Strelets.

Thank you,