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Boer Wars British & Boer Command Sets

Here's my take on Command sets I'd love to see made for the Boer Wars and why.

Personally, I'd like to have 1 "Famous & Influential Boer Commanders" set and 1 "Famous & Influential British Commanders" single box set for both the 1st Boer War and 2nd Boer War.

Both wars had famous and influential men and women involved, even children. There were concentration camps. These folks could make a few poses. The Boers had Generals and Field Commandos who should be immortalized in truly soft plastic. During the sieges of British held towns is when young boys were encouraged to help out with supply distribution and more who very famously were uniformed and then the world has benefitted from the creation of the Boy Scouts (and Cub Scouts, even Brownies and Girl Scouts). I'd like to see a pose representing one of these volunteer boys. Further on the British side, the famous and influential Ghandi was a member of an Ambulance and Stretcher Bearer Team. I'd like to see maybe a Stretcher Bearer Set comprised of 3 men and a Ghandi pose. Or how about Churchill and the famous Train Escape! Good for a couple of poses on both sides.

I'm not going to try and name any other personalities because I'll only embarrass myself. I know there are forum contributors here who know so much more than I do.

There are so many photographs of all these participants mentioned above to use for design. And all existed! With so much evidence and history, how can Strelets overlook such an important and exciting opportunity now that they have gotten all of our attention and milk money earmarked? You did such a great job with the Don Troiani influenced ACW Command sets, please use the photos for the Boer War too! I would buy multiple small single sets of each side so I could do conversions also.