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Re: Boers firing. Suggestion !

make Two figure with Pistol, instead all of rifle. and A Female Boer firing. Command also
What should a 'Boer Command' look like? Given that no uniforms were worn and their officers were directly elected from the ranks and had no distinguishing dress, insignia weapons or equipment, this would be a very tall order indeed!

Re: Boers firing.

Alan Buckingham
More expense :joy:
I could have a twin brother and a couple of clones and still not be able to keep up with Strelets.
Great sculpts though.I am really looking forward to having a go at these figures which at a pinch might do as Irish war of independence rebels ( 100 year anniversary of which is upon us).

Re: Boers firing.

Fantastic figures!

I look forward to buying these.

Re: Boers firing.

Excellent set. Need several. I will use them:

a) as European irregular militia before WW2, like volunteers in Wild West, Russian Civil War, Soviet-Polish War, Silesian Uprisings, Irish Civil War, Greece-Turkey War, Spanish Civil War, Very British Civil War, pulp scenarios;

b) with a bit of conversions as European irregulars in WW2 (Polish Home Army, Reds, Resistance, Jugoslavia, Italy, Volksturm);

c) converted boots and/or hats in China Civil War;

d) converted sombreros in Mexico Revolution, Latin America militias

Wow, so many possibilities. I love them.

Re: Boers firing.

Not to mention soldiers in 18th c. American wars, like ACW Confederates or Texicans. A little head-swapping and equipment modification -- a kepi here, a cartridge box there -- and one can make whole armies of troops in homespuns and butternut.

Re: Boers firing.

I was already thinking of a few of the conversion alternatives that fellow collectors are suggesting (ACW, Alamo etc..), but it is good to read other ideas that people are having.

I hope to buy lots of boxes of this set of boers.

Please Strelets can you make sure there are plenty of boxes in this production run to keep us all supplied and happy.


Re: Boers firing.

Bravo for this additional set of outstanding Boer Commandos! It's still August, and already I'm excited for the Year End Holiday Season.

Re: Boers firing.

Well looking at these masters, it feels like Christmas already!! :santa:

A refreshing change from the long established tradition where a good set of figures is made for one era but the customer has to wait many years for a set to oppose them :unamused: Now the paint is barely dry on my red box stand-ins when I see these superb figures waiting in the wings - well done Strelets!:clap:

I'm wondering now if it's even worth the effort of converting more mounted Boers to go with them.....

Re: Boers firing.

I could definitely see how with a little tweaking these could be converted to Confederate soldiers - either late War or guerillas. By the same token, with the current Colonial British out there I am sorely tempted to open up another front in my collecting.

Re: Boers firing. (and Boxer Rebellion)

I plan on using some of my favorite poses as Civilians defending the British Legation during the Boxer Rebellion, just like the movie 55 Days at Peking!