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Strelets Great Plastic Colours

Strelets needs to be complimented for making such nice truly soft plastic figures in very attractive authentic colours!

The focus here is to compliment Strelets choice of colours for their latest 2nd Boer War British Infantry and Artillery sets in tan and Boer Commandos and Artillery sets in terracotta.

I have always liked Strelets choice of Terracotta for the Boer side. Please continue to do this for non-uniformed Commandos and Artillery sets. Strelets Production Team has done a stellar job consistently making them a nice Flat Terracotta colour which shows the excellent figures details perfectly. This is very important especially at this 1/72 scale.

The newest British Infantry and Artillery sets look nice in the Light Tan. The details can be seen easily enough, but any lighter or any shinier would not be beneficial.

Please keep future 2nd Boer War figures in these very attractive colours!

Compliments also to your French Foreign Legion Early XX Century including the Desert Patrol Mounted and Dismounted set. What great, original, new sets with exciting and original poses! The Light Blue colour helps show off the outstanding details your sculptor created. But again, any lighter or shinier and the details will not show as well.

Please keep producing in your great colours. I'm a Playset kind of Collector so I open the new sets of figures and start using immediately. I do enjoy seeing other Collectors painting skills but I save my time and my money for purchasing more new soft plastic figures made in authentic colours right out of the box.