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Re: 1/72 scale figures

joseph garcia
good morning fellow modellers, i am writing this letter to strelets and i hope to catch its attention. i\'ve seen the line of American Civil War figures and liked it very much, the reason why i liked the series was the inclusion of casualties which is very useful for dioramas, unfortunately they came in very small numbers. now i am appealing to this splendid manufacturer to produce sets composed entirely of casualties like dead and wounded cavalry, infantry and artillery men. such sets, i believe will greatly enhance diorama making by adding figures like this, i hope this message reach the management of strelets and give it a consideration. a million thanks to everyone.

Strelets have already said they will not do casualty sets.

Lucklily you can buy casualties here in resin:
.....Or, you could do what I'm in the process of doing. Create your own unique casualties (or non-casualty figures for that matter) with 3D modeling software, then 3D print them. You could create a diorama with figures where no two are alike, which is the level of modeling I want to create.

Re: 1/72 scale figures

An example of our 3D-printed resin figures:


Alternately, by a little judicial cutting, existing figures can easily be converted into dead & prone wounded men.

Re: 1/72 scale figures

Really, really great stuff yall are creating!.....gonna have to buy some of the new ones, like this. Keep up the fantastic work!

Re: 1/72 scale figures

Salve.... Esistono i caduti e feriti della ditta ykreol che non sono il massimo ma per i diorami van bene secondo me.... E abbracciano molti periodi.... Luca. Credo però che un paio di feriti o caduti in un set di soldati all'assalto sarebbero ben accetti da tutti fossero napoleonici o per me sarebbe il top.... Luca.