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2nd Boer War British Infantry

Mine arrived from RebelAlpha on Friday and I have just finished painting and basing the last of these superb figures! As I'm working on them I can almost hear Edward Woodward's melancholy voice singing 'soldiers of the Queen' at the end of the brilliant movie 'Breaker Morant' and can't help marvel at the intricate sculpting - those Lee Mefords look almost as if you could take one at random and field strip it! The first class sculpting and realistic poses are the best I've ever seen in this hobby, setting them up in a skirmish line you can practically smell the cordite and hear the crack of Mauser bullets zipping past.....Bravo Strelets!:raised_hands:

I've based them individually on fender washers and intend to use them for games with an adaptation of the WWII Battlegroup rule set and really looking forward to getting them on the table next week, once my artillery arrive :)

I am seriously hoping the Highlanders and Boers will be retooled to this same exacting standard, and soon! :pray:

Re: 2nd Boer War British Infantry

The rifles on this set are a quantum leap foreword, and both to be applauded and the standard for future sets I hope.