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Russian Jaeger and musketeers

Dear Strelets, dare I hope that with your emerging interest in covering 1812 Russians(regrettably only grenadiers sofar), you might also find a way to include Jaegers(light infantry in action since that suits them best) and musketeers, both in greatcoats and summer uniform, in your range? Non of the 1/72 manufacturing companies have sofar come up with any useful figures covering these troops.

Re: Russian Jaeger and musketeers

I agree entirely. That would make the potential for a large Borodino diorama much more interesting. Perhaps Strelets can take over the masters for the Jaeger (and cossacks) from Zvezda, who had the masters done but decided not to produce them.
In any case, i am very enthusiastic about the 1812 Russians and can only appreciate the choice by Strelets to include these figures in their ever expanding range of Napoleonics. Keep going!

Re: Russian Jaeger and musketeers

Dear Thomas,

1812 line of Napoleonic sets will be extended.
Best regards,


Re: Russian Jaeger and musketeers

Thank you. I hope my suggestions are among them

Re: Russian Jaeger and musketeers

Dear Strelets team ,
These are great news indeed.