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model hobby shops in Lisbon

Hi everyone opening this message. Checking the Internet for the subject I didn’t get any wiser. Lots of shops with websites, with a scarcity in promoted 1/72 figures and kits. I do desperately ask for help from visitors to this forum for advice, and if possible, even for meeting in a shop and having a beer afterwards. I’ll be in Lisbon for vacation with wife and 14 years old son for a week, starting tomorrow.

Thank you

Re: model hobby shops in Lisbon

Hi Petrovici, enjoy Lisbon, it's a great city, with lots of military sites to see. However I never managed to find any model shops while I was there.

Re: model hobby shops in Lisbon

Hi Will! Really glad you recovered so quickly and well after surgery. I’ve been previously to Lisbon, but only now just for leisure and tourism. The museums are great, and I saw for the first time the uniform of the napoleonic portuguese naval brigade in the Navy Museum. A combination between a french light infantry body with blue coat and red lapels, and the belgic shako. Very inspiring for conversions. Regarding shops, I found, with a decent offer of Hat, Strelets, Linear A&B, Mars ...