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Re: Austrian Grenadiers On The March Winter

Dioramists could have him walking up a flight of stairs or stepping over a log, might be useful.

Re: Austrian Grenadiers On The March Winter

Why again with trousers? They are Austrians not French.

Re: Austrian Grenadiers On The March Winter

Great figures again but I also dont like the last pose.

The officer idea is good but the proportions of this pointng figure look disproportionated to me.

Specially, compare face with the size of scabbard or the size
of the buttock because of walking with the rest of the body.

The drummer looks as he has a short bearskin.

All the others, great poses specially those in the last row of the first picture. This sculptor is fantastic with static poses. Genial!


Re: Austrian Grenadiers On The March Winter

More lovely figures. More for the list. Gonna be a big second half to the year!


Re: Austrian Grenadiers On The March Winter

Allan from Glasgow
very nice sculpts but i am not too sure about last figure on second row, a whole battalion all in that pose would look to be doing the hokey kokey or to our U.S. friends a line dance.

On a serious point it seems a strange pose to me.


If we take the figurine alone we can indeed think that the pose is strange. However, if we think of a battalion moving forward online things are different. Indeed, the soldiers were forced to walk straight ahead so as not to disrupt their group. We can imagine that they had to raise their legs to avoid obstacles, branches, holes, dead soldiers etc ... Personally this is the type of modifications that I made on my own figures.