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Re: Napoleonic Polish Artillery

I have been hoping the polish artillery would have been released by now maybe the poles haven't been good sellers as there have only been two sets of polish infantry compared to other nations who have had up to 4 sets dedicated to them.

Re: Napoleonic Polish Artillery

Unfortunately (or not) i think it is the Anglo-Saxons who buy the most figurines. The production is done according to their needs. As a consequence armies such as those of the confederation of the Rhine (Bavaria, Westphalia, Württemberg, Baden, Saxony ...) of Italy or those of Poland are under-represented while they accompanied the Napoleonic epic for years for the benefit of armies that have not fought long or represent small contingents but have had the "good idea" to be present in Waterloo.

Re: Napoleonic Polish Artillery

Every news from Strelets about project on Polish troop (Artillery, Infantry or Cavalry) are welcom. I have already bought 6 boxes of Polish Infantry and I would like to know if it is worth waiting to continue to make my Polish troops.
Thank you in advance for all information.

Re: Napoleonic Polish Artillery

I have bought multiple sets of the Polish infantry, so artillery would be most welcome

As would other artillery types - Brunswick, Russian 1805, Russian horse artillery 1805, Prussian horse artillery 1813-15

Re: Napoleonic Polish Artillery

Polish foot artillery looked very similar to the French but with different colours

Horse Artillery are different with busbies, so a more difficult conversion.

The train drivers are an easy paint conversion from Polish lancers

Re: Napoleonic Polish Artillery

Great post, thank you Fire at will.