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Re: it`s........Friday

I hope when Strelets resumes "Friday Teaser Pictures" in September, they chose one of their favorite pictures from each category of the next group of releases - meaning 1 Colonial British, 1 Colonial Boers, 1 Napoleonic, 1 WWI ... as an example.

I just received yesterday here in the U.S. my first shipment of some of the newest releases. FFL, but no Colonial Infantry nor Highlanders yet.

This will be a welcomed break for me. Now I can focus on cleaning and desprewing and integrating into my collection the latest and finest 1/72 scale figurines in truly soft plastic and great plastic colors that strelets has worked so hard to get out to all of us - glabally. No short cutting with Strelets. Well done Strelets Team, well done!

Well, because it's hard to break old habits, I just may find myself checking Strelets Site every Friday nite just in case they decide to surprise us with something unexpected ... you know, a post card with a picture of the Team relaxing on a beach, just in case!

You make the world a better place and help to bring us all together, Strelets Team. Good on you! Enjoy your break. You've earned it.
Great idea on the teaser pics that way we all get a treat every month, totally agree on your sentiments especially with this highly political and unstable world we are living in at the moment its great to pop on this forum and share our interest in little plastic figures and chat to people across the world with our love of military history and collecting.

I have to say though as a Scot, I will be so glad when this heatwave goes away bring back the rain and I will be smiling again.

Happy holidays Strelets team

p,s the Russians look great

Re: it`s........Friday


"There won't be Friday posts till September. Our webmaster has got some materials to publish and will do that when possible."
Now we know
Strelets are working for Boris J and your webmaster is D Cummings and the material stuff is no Deal Brexit no plans plans.

We are now much closer with Ukraine now as the UK also has a comedian/buffoon as a leader.