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Re: About Cavalry

Hi Ortwin.

I think this a stage of conflict that is in desperate need for sets to be produced the poses you mentioned are a major part of a cavalry force's duties. Screening main bodies of infantry and being at ease ready to be used to plug gaps in the battlefield.

Hopefully we will see company's have a think about this subject



Re: About Cavalry

You are on to something here Ortwin.
I like the current mix of poses in Strelets cavalry sets and use them to make units with a mixture of poses, sometimes combining figures from a few sets to make a more or less ‘aggressive’ looking unit. The early carabiniers are a case in point and are in my top ten favourite sets.
What you are suggesting would make this easier to do and provide even more poses. Sounds great!

Re: About Cavalry

So i'm happy i'm not the only one.

There's a much better chance to get such waiting forces now. Especially Strelets sometimes does the 'on the march' sets also for cavalry.

By the way, that's exactly for what i need them the most, Allan :wink:

so to give Strelets a start - i would buy such cavalry for Rome, Celts, Nomads (Huns-Avars as well as Mongols), Assyrians, Carthage, Greeks, Persia ... for sure i forgot something

Re: About Cavalry

But also make them more realistic ?all cavalry when not actually involved in planned combat carried far more baggage with them ,food,plunder,kit,extra water,extra weapons?

Re: About Cavalry

Hi Everyone,

I would also be quite nice to have a couple of dismounted figures included in a set or perhaps a set of dismounted troopers looking after kit/ Horses or in dismounted combat

great topic btw


Re: About Cavalry

For sure - right that way. Belonging to what they actually are (waiting, travelling or whatever) with more baggage and even baggage organized differently on the saddle or beside their (lost?) horses doing this or that.

And i forgot to mention chinese & medieval russian and european cavalry like norman, carolingian and later one knights.

Maybe even india, samurai, scythian and gothic cavalry, (greeks including macedonian, persian including all the different dynasties as rome includes all troop-types from italic to sarmatian from republic to byzanthine).